Complete Cake Making Course

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By joining this course, you can become a complete baker and start selling your cakes from both home and shop. I will teach you 14 types of cakes and variations for which you will get maximum orders. This course will be your first step to learn all cake making techniques. This course consists of 21 videos. I will also tell you from where to buy cake tools and materials for starting your home bakery.

You will learn following cakes and techniques:

1. How to make different types of sponge with both home materials and industrial premixes

2. Icing techniques

3. Making whipped cream

4. Making Chocolate Ganache

5. Whipped Cream Flower Design Cake

6. Chocolate Dutch Cake

7. Black Forest Cake

8. White Forest Cake

9. Princess/Doll Cake

10. Photo Cake

11. Chocolate Truffle Cake

12. Marriage Anniversary Cake

13. Gel Cake

14. Thread Cake

15. Red Velvet Cake

16. Galaxy Cake

17. Tiger Print Cake

18. Half Half Cake

19. Selling and Pricing Your Cake

20. Cake tools and material buying list and where to buy from